Terms & Conditions


Refund and Order Cancellation Policy ( MOST UNIQUE GUARANTEE IN THE ONLINE MARKET)

REPLACEMENT POLICY  We believe in creating happy customers, hence when you buy our products, your purchase is covered by our 30 day product replacement policy. We want to sell our products not once but every-time and establish a network of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. That is why we can afford to back our products with this special guarantee.

REFUND POLICY  We don’t provide any refund policy and no exceptions would be supported.

ORDER CANCELLATION POLICY To request an order cancellation, simply contact us with your purchase details within 48 hours of your purchase. We insist on 48 hours as post-48 hours we execute the shipping process of given order. Please include your order number (sent to you via email after ordering) and optionally tell us why you’re requesting a refund we take customer feedback very seriously and use it to constantly improve our products and quality of service.

In case of requests for order cancellations, we as the Seller reserves the right to accept or reject requests for order cancellations for any reason whatsoever.


There are various delivery modes for delivery of purchased Product to the Buyer, as selected by the buyer. We ensure to provide best delivery mode with insurance protection, shipping tracking, sms alerts and customer support.
The risk of any damage, loss or deterioration of the Products caused during the course or delivery or during transit shall be on
the Seller and not on the Buyer. Seller represent and warrant that the Products being delivered are
not faulty and are exactly those Products which are listed and advertised by Seller on the Website and purchased by the Buyer
and meet all descriptions and specifications as provided on the Website. In the event Buyer's order is not delivered by logistic service providers on the delivery mentioned on the order confirmation form, we ensure that we would provide free shipment to the Buyer on an alternate shipping address on which the Product can be delivered by the logistics service provider or by the Seller through their internal arrangement. The seller shall not be liable for any damages caused in situations
beyond the control of human force like natural calamities or war or any other incidents.